Important Information

Important information for our customers:

Siam Blend is a traditional Thai massage spa based upon generations of both Southern and Northern Thai traditions.

We are a family business and are very proud of our spa and the services that we provide. Our therapists are highly trained health care professionals.

Our Remedial Therapists are proud members of either Massage & Myotherapy Australia (formerly AAMT), or the Massage Association of Australia (MAA). In accordance with this membership and government health regulations our business is governed by the National Code of Conduct for Health Care Workers (Qld). A copy of this code is available upon request.

Siam Blend Health Spa does NOT provide any services of a sexual nature and asks all customers to respect our staff.

Some of our massage and spa treatments involve removal of clothing and exposure of some body parts (e.g. buttocks and back) whereas other treatments such as Traditional Thai Massage and Foot Massage do not. We promise to respect every customer’s privacy at all times. If customers have any questions or issues about this before or during their therapy they should bring them to the attention of the therapist or manager immediately.

Upon their initial visit to Siam Blend Health Spa all prospective customers will be asked to fill out a Confidential Health Survey noting any current health issues, medication, and their expectations for therapy.

Customers will also be asked to complete an Informed Consent Form prior to beginning therapy.

Once again, we promise to respect our customers’ privacy and keep all records secure and confidential for the purposes of informed therapy only.

Please note: Siam Blend Health Spa reserves the right to refuse service to any customer who we feel should not receive massage or related treatments for any reason.

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