Thai Massage Treatments

We offer a wide range of massage therapies to suit your needs, including Traditional Thai Massage and massages including our custom blended oil. For descriptions and pricing please refer to our lists of Premium and Standard Massage Therapies below.

Please note: Health Fund Rebates (HICAPS) are not available for our Standard Massage menu. Customers wishing to claim should refer to Remedial Massage in the Premium Massage Therapies menu below.

Our four standard massage types below are all priced the same.

Thai Massage Brisbane

Standard Massage Therapies

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage is a gentle massage to help you relax, including calming the nervous system, improving blood circulation and stimulating the body’s lymphatic system

Siam Blend Massage

Our signature massage – combining the best of East and West. This light pressure point massage incorporates essential oils blended exclusively for us. Their aromatic qualities, combined with the therapist’s touch creates a massage stimulating or relaxing depending upon your needs. Siam Blend Massage is the perfect choice for customers not familiar with Thai Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

This special deep therapeutic massage using oil is designed to relieve and prevent muscle soreness and ease tired joints. This massage creates energy and a feeling of overall well-being. It is ideal therapy after a long workout or sports competition. Deep Tissue Massage is one of our specialties and our most requested massage.

Traditional Thai Massage

An ancient form of massage passed down through generations. This form of Thai Massage used deep tissue, pressure point and stretching techniques to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness. Special loose fitting Thai clothing appropriate for stretching will be supplied for this traditional massage.

Note please: Traditional Thai Massage does not use massage oil. Many customers do not realise this when they book for the first time.

30 Minutes $55
40 Minutes $70
60 Minutes $89
90 Minutes $129
120 Minutes $170

Foot and Leg Massage

Also known as Reflexology, this ancient oriental method of massage is applied to pressure points of the feet and legs that correspond to individual parts of the body. It reduces stress, tension and restores energy flow.

30 Minutes $55
60 Minutes $89

Premium Massage Therapies

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage is a non-invasive, holistic treatment for the whole body or specific parts. Remedial Massage provides relief for the muscles and tendons through various techniques, either gentle or strong depending upon your needs and our therapist’s assessment. Our Remedial Massage therapists are trained to Australian Diploma level to facilitate Private Health Fund accreditation.

Health Fund Rebates are available only for Remedial Massage (due to health fund regulations)
30 Minutes $60
60 Minutes $95
90 Minutes $135
120 Minutes $175

Please note: 

  1. Advance bookings are essential for Remedial Massage (due to remedial therapist availability). 
  2. Please inform reception prior to therapy if you wish to claim a Health Fund rebate.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage uses heated stones incorporated with massage techniques in order to bring about a feeling of deep relaxation and well-being. The stones are placed according to your needs, and when used with massage can provide benefits that are not possible through normal massage.

30 Minutes $65
60 Minutes $100
90 Minutes $140
120 Minutes $180

Herbal Heat with Thai Massage

The herbal heat process acts in the same way as that of herbal steam. When applied to the skin the herbal heat pads open the pores for the waste matter below the skin to be released. The herbal heat process coupled with traditional Thai Massage relaxes your entire body and leaves your skin looking and feeling fresher and younger.

Note please: pre-booking is essential for herbal heat as our fresh herbs must be sourced and prepared.

90 Minutes $149
120 Minutes $180

Pre-natal or Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage uses a combination of Swedish and Remedial Massage techniques to assist with tension and pains experienced during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage reduces peripheral swelling, soothes the nervous system and can help to reduce blood pressure. It can also increase blood and lymph circulation, encourage deeper and easier breathing, and help to prevent insomnia, muscle cramps, spasms and back pain.

Our therapists will consult with the mother regarding stage of pregnancy and any issues before providing this relaxing therapy for mother and baby.

Please note: pre-natal massage does not put any direct pressure on the unborn baby – massage is for the mother only although current science suggests that benefits are evident for both mother and baby.

30 Minutes $55
60 Minutes $89
90 Minutes $125
120 Minutes $170